Specialist Mr. White

Welcome to my Website!


Bring good shoes and be ready to jump!

Everyone: P.E. Shoes are a must on P.E. Days

I will keep a calendar available on this web page to tell you when to lace up your sporty shoes.

Whoah! Heres the Calendar:



Here is a link for making your own Origami Crane:



My number one job is to keep kids safe during P.E..  I can’t have bare footers or flip flop lovers stubbing toes. Your P.E. Grade suffers every time I catch you in your princess shoes or muck boots 🙂 Pack a pair of sneakers in a bag and let’s get ready to ROLL!

I want to have a good year and it’s shaping up to be great!

Don’t hesitate to call me with questions (426-8437)

Or Email me at:  mwhite@southsideschool.org

with any concerns.