Grades 5-7 Mr. Hanson

Welcome Parents and Students! 


We are currently in the 3rd grading period.  Look for the conference notifications that went home Monday 3/13/18.  If you have any conflicts contact the office sooner than later.  Space is very limited.   



5th: Math/Science/History:  Times I see 5th grade:  10:33-11:20  (Lunch 11:20-11:55) 11:55-1:26

Math:  No class due to field trip. 

Science:   Students are working on creating a food web, but doing so in a natural habitat poster.  Students have read about the different biomes over the past few days.  Students have had to consider location in regards to their biome and the ecosystem they are creating.  

-Science Fair Project Pick Date:  Wednesday, January 31st.

-Science Fair Project Due:  Thursday, March 15th.

-Mason County Science Fair:  Saturday, March 17th.  A form will needed to be completed prior to entering.  I’ll attach a link to that once it becomes available.

Science Fair Project Websites:


Homework:  Unfinished ENY U#4 Lesson #4.  If you don’t know what your child is missing log into Skyward.  There is a link on the school homepage.  If you need help e-mail Terry in the office.  Below is a link to the Engage NY website.  Work can be printed off from there too.  Science Fair Project.  Study math facts. 

Math Websites:

A throw back game from the 80’s and 90’s:  Number Munchers:

SBAC Practice Test Link:

A great science game website:

6th: English Language Arts:  Times I see 6th grade:  8:10-9:46

We are dealing with stories that take place, or cover events, from the ancient world.  This week we are looking at Chinese folk tales.  Students are looking at literary devices:  irony, mood and tone, dialogue, and symbol.

   Homework:   Spelling Packet #23 is due Friday (3/16/18).  Read 30 min.  

7th: Reading Writing Lab:  The class has a writing prompt on the hot topic issue of gun control.  I’m not trying to push any agenda, and I’m supporting any and all view points on the issue.  The class is writing an argumentative essay on this topic.  They have three stance they can chose from, or they can create a fourth as long as it is in line with the prompt.  They need to create a stance on the topic, and defend the topic.  I encourage the students to look at personal beliefs and family beliefs as a launching off point.  Students have been researching to get facts to help support their side.  If you have questions or concerns about this topic please feel free to contact me.  


TREK:  Academic support TREK.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to call the school (360-426-8437) or send me an e-mail at

Thank you very much for your continued involvement in your child’s education.

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