Grades 5-7 Mr. Hanson

Welcome Parents and Students! 


Paperwork for our end of the year field trip went home on Monday 4/30/18.  E-mails have been sent as a back up.  If you have questions about our field trip to the Museum of Flight on June 1st please let me know.    

Yearbooks are available for purchase.  They are $20.00, and checks are to be made out to Southside.  If you have questions please let me know.


5th: Math/Science/History:  Times I see 5th grade:  10:33-11:20  (Lunch 11:20-11:55) 11:55-1:26


Science:    We spent today on Mars.  Students had to plan a rout on the martian planet.  They had to calculate how long it would take them to walk if they went 3 mph.  They had 48 hours to make the trip.  Students then hand to take 15 items and rank them based on importance.  This was done independently, then as a group.  We talked afterwards on what NASA ranked the items and the justification NASA gave.


Homework:   Huge math review packet reviewing concepts and skills we have covered so far this year.  We’ve spent over 4.5 hours on this packet so far in class already.  Due tomorrow 5/18/18.  If you don’t know what your child is missing log into Skyward.  There is a link on the school homepage.  If you need help e-mail Terry in the office.  Below is a link to the Engage NY website.  Work can be printed off from there too.  Study math facts. 

Math Websites:

A throw back game from the 80’s and 90’s:  Number Munchers:

SBAC Practice Test Link:

A great science game website:

6th: English Language Arts:  Times I see 6th grade:  8:10-9:46

Worked on our Phantom Tollbooth play.


Homework:   Practice their lines for our Phantom Tollbooth play.  Read 30 min.  

7th: Reading Writing Lab:   We are working on creating a civilization.  Students will work in groups to create a civilization from the ground up. 


TREK:  Academic support TREK.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to call the school (360-426-8437) or send me an e-mail at

Thank you very much for your continued involvement in your child’s education.

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