Grades 5-7 Mr. Hanson

Welcome Parents and Students! 


I was on a field trip today, and yesterday I had to leave work early for a dr. appointment.  Sorry I didn’t get this updated yesterday.


5th: Math/Science/History:  Times I see 5th grade:  10:33-11:20  (Lunch 11:20-11:55) 11:55-1:26

Math:  Students had a math review.  I was gone, and felt this was a good time to practice math skills.  All of this should have been review.  The fractions were skills that we will be covering more in depth in a few weeks, but what they had should have been review from what they should have learned in 4th grade.  If they didn’t get it complete that is ok, we will work on it/go over it tomorrow.  So this shouldn’t have been homework.

Science:      Science Fair Projects will need to be approved by me prior to starting the project.  Last day for approval will be January 31st.  If a student doesn’t have their project picked by then I will assign them one.  

-Science Fair Project Pick Date:  Wednesday, January 31st.

-Science Fair Project Due:  Thursday, March 15th.

-Mason County Science Fair:  Saturday, March 17th.  A form will needed to be completed prior to entering.  I’ll attach a link to that once it becomes available.

Science Fair Project Websites:


Homework:   Study math facts. 

Math Websites:

A throw back game from the 80’s and 90’s:  Number Munchers:

SBAC Practice Test Link:

A great science game website:

6th: English Language Arts:  Times I see 6th grade:  8:10-9:46

Due to me gone on field trip, class was sent to Mr. White, and Mrs. Donnelly.

Homework:   Spelling packet #14 is due Friday 1/12/18.  Book Project, setting in a box, due January 31st.  Read 30 min.  

7th: Reading Writing Lab:

We are taking a quick pause on our story to work on some JA Finance prior to our field trip.  We will pick up our story after the field trip.


TREK:  Academic support TREK.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to call the school (360-426-8437) or send me an e-mail at

Thank you very much for your continued involvement in your child’s education.

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