Welcome Parents and Students!

Challenge Question:  Solids can be found in what type of structure?

6th Grade ELA:  8:10-9:46

Today we finished reading an excerpt from Brian’s Winter.  We also worked on our focus skill of Theme, and filled out some information on our readers guide.  We also worked on our robust vocabulary.

Homework:   DLR #14 due 1/11/19.  Book project due 1/31/19. Read 30 min. every night.

Digital copy of Storytown:  http://tinyurl.comy7jgepms

5th Grade Math/Science/History:  10:33-1:26

Math:  We worked on iReady, set some academic goals for math, and did some review fraction work.  Students were really struggling to maintain focus today.

Science:  Students received their sci files today, which is just a notes packet for their science fair project.  They also received a rubric outlining their project.  Extra copies of these can be found in their digital classroom.  In addition to that, there is a list of science fair idea websites also posted in the digital classroom.  We spent time today looking through this.  A reminder, the project has to be testable, can not be a social experiment, and is due in March.  A specific date will be given when I get one.


Homework:   Science Fair Project, due mid March.  Unfinished Center Activity 5.27 and Multiplying fractions page T2S1, both due tomrrow.  Practice math facts.


7th Grade Writing Lab:  1:29-2:13

Currently students are reading the book, “House of the Scorpions” by Nancy Farmer.  We have been working on some critical thinking questions this week.


Contacts:  Mhanson@southsideschool.org