The Board of Directors of Southside School District adopted Resolution No. 01-18-19 concerning a proposition for a Capital Levy at the special election to be held on February 12, 2019, to contribute to the Shelton High School expansion and renovation project for Southside Students that attend Shelton High School.


A    RESOLUTION of the Board of Directors of Southside School District No. 042, Mason County, Washington, providing for submission to the voters of the District at a special election to be held therein on February 12, 2019, of a proposition authorizing the District to levy excess taxes of $112,681 in 2019 for collection in 2020, $112,681 in 2020 for collection in 2021 $112,681 in 2021 for collection in 2022 and $112,681 in 2022 for collection in 2023 for a total of $450,723, for the districts contribution to SHELTON SCHOOL DISTRICT HIGH SCHOOL renovation and expansion project.