The Board of Directors consists of five Board members, each elected to serve a four-year term, without compensation, for overlapping terms of two years each. In the fall of each year, the Board elects a President, a Vice President and a legislative representative to serve one-year terms.

Operating within the legal parameters of the state and federal constitutions, statutes, courts and administrative agencies, the Board is charged with the responsibility of providing the finest educational program for the students in the district.

School Board of Directors make all final decisions regarding school priorities, policies, personnel, textbooks, expenditures and growth management.  Directors adopt a budget which is necessary to maintain and operate the schools, levy taxes to help support the budget and submit bond issues to finance construction projects to the citizens of the District.

Regular School Board Meetings are held  starting at 6:30 pm Via Zoom Meetings unless otherwise noted.

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Southside School Board of Directors

Laurie Cox

Position # 2 – 4 Year Term, Expiring 2023
Phone: 360-427-9151
Laurie Cox has served over 10 years of Southside School Board. During her time on the school board, Laurie has supported the purchase of two new school buses, bought new curriculum, supported the removal of hazardous trees, installed a new parking lot with lighting, fencing, and striping, assisted with community and field days, contributed items for auction, and rallied the community for the levies and bonds. She has worked to provide a balanced budget while supporting all staff with comparable salaries, reduced class sizes, and current professional development opportunities. Connection to Southside: Laurie Cox and her family have lived in the Southside community for over 25 years. Both her children attended Southside School District through 7th grade. She enjoyed participating over 15 years on the Southside Booster Club. Laurie has assisted the Booster Club with the Community Festival by organizing all of the outside events. She sought donations to pay for all the outside bounce toys and other donations for silent auctions. She coordinated with Washington Fish and Wildlife for trout for the fishing pond. Laurie assisted with fence building for the baseball field, installation of the fencing slats around the well and removal of scotch broom. She has supported and volunteered at several field event days, after school talent show and dances, and field trips. Laurie is a member of the Cranberry Lake Board. She has developed and facilitated science and student field trips to study our environment and resources at a neighboring lake. Several Mason County schools have used the environmental education provided at Cranberry Lake. Laurie is working with district leadership and our local fire department to complete a grant received which will provide the school with a generator adding to its ability to serve as a site for community in the case of a natural disaster. She held the responsibility of Box Tops for Education Coordinator, collecting tops and providing the school with annual recess and physical education equipment replacements. Laurie supports the students and families served at Southside as well as all of our local community members. Laurie works for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources as a forester. She is a Planning Section Chief for one of Washington State’s Incident Management Teams and the Incident Commander for the Western Washington Inter-Agency Fire Academy. She assists with training fire fighters from Washington and neighboring states and go to wild fire destinations to control and eliminate dangerous fires. Laurie has a vision to ensure Southside is sustainable as an elementary school in Mason County. She wants the school to provide a nurturing and safe learning environment where every student can receive a high quality of education and maximize learning opportunities.
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John Johnson

Position # 1 – 4 Year Term, Expiring 2023
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Brian Phipps

Position #3 – 4 Year Term, Expiring 2021

Eugenie (Gigi) Olsen

Position #4, 4 Year Term, Expiring 2023
Gigi has lived in the Southside community for six years. She moved here when her oldest son began kindergarten so all of her children would have the opportunity to attend Southside! She currently has two children attending and twins entering kindergarten in the Fall of 2020. Gigi has spent many hours volunteering in the classrooms of her children as well as for other teachers in need over the last six years. She also enjoys chaperoning field trips. Gigi has professionally served the community as a pharmacy technician, a book store manager, former business owner and is currently a local real estate agent.
Matt Jewett

Matt Jewett

Position #5 - 4 Year Term, Expiring 2021
During high school and college Matt worked for his family's construction company and spent four seasons commercially diving for historical artifacts in the Mariana Islands. After obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science from Western Washington University in 2000, Matt was hired as a Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Matt relocated to Mason County in 2007 and intentionally purchased a home in the Southside School District so his future children would have access to the best education in the area. His three children have now been enrolled at Southside for the past five years and will continue there for the next seven. Over the last three years Matt has been heavily involved in volunteering in classrooms and booster club activities. Additionally, he has volunteered on the new parking lot project. Matt created the design, acquired bids for dirt work, consulted on asphalt bids for the parking lot and consulted for the striping/curbing work. Matt believes students need positive influences, experiences and role models to be valuable members of our society. He is dedicated to all Southside student’s learning and development, while ensuring sustainability and fiscal responsibility for the districts community.