Hello Southside Community,

I’m Paul Wieneke.  I am honored to be your Superintendent.

A small community like Southside is a great place to make a positive impact on the future while honoring the traditions of the past.   Southside’s collective efforts have yielded many distinguished achievement awards.   The common theme from residents in the community is resounding:  “Southside Community really cares about their school and children.”

In over 40 years as a public school educator in Alaska and Washington I’ve focused on a simple yet universal belief:  We must ALL believe that all children are capable of success, no exceptions.  This guiding “Hope Mindset” is THE unifying foundation for all beliefs, relations, actions, future improvements, and equity.

Clicking the links below will take you to your Superintendent’s Strategic Plan for the 2023-24 school year.  I also invite you to view the District Overview video and Covid-19 Recovery Plan posted on our website. Our plan will be implemented and adjusted over several years as we gather input and monitor student progress toward clearly articulated goals.

As a final word: Children look to caring adults to be their role models.  Children depend on adults to see them—not by their risk, adversity or trauma—but by their strength to rise from adversity through HOPE.  Hope becomes a strategy when practiced together through believing, connecting and traveling along a path toward a positive future.  A collective understanding of Hope as a practice will eventually become a culture that will unite us all under a single identity. 

Envision: Southside School District: A Community of Hope!

I look forward to our work ahead!  I will listen to you, learn from you and lead beside you.

Paul Wieneke                                      Click For:      Southside Superintendent’s Strategic Plan  

360-426-8437                                      Click For:     Southside School District Overview Video


Optimism and wishful thinking are hopeful dreams for the future.  HOPE, as a SCIENCE, is: goals, pathways and the energy to reach the future.  Hope is believing in ALL kids; connecting youth to an understanding that WE have the power to make tomorrow better than today.  

Inspire.  Empower.  Engage